Weekly Update 9/9/18

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No School Wednesday – 9/12/18

Due to the primary election, Smithfield Public Schools will be closed on 9/12.

Graduation Date

We have a confirmed date for graduation.  The SHS Class of 2019 will graduate on June 11 at 7pm in the MAC Center at Bryant University.

SHS Open House Rescheduled

SHS Open House will take place on September 20th from 6-8 pm.

Course Changes

We are approaching the end of 4-week window to add, drop or change a course.  Please see your counselor if you are questioning your course placement.

Students choose courses and programs based on the recommendations and best judgment of teachers, guidance counselors, the student, and parents. Parent input is gathered at course request time through the completion of the ILP parent questionnaire.

A schedule is used to arrange programs and students in some systematic order. A schedule can be most complex and a change in one area often causes changes in other areas. A student is given considerable time to choose proper courses. Schools do recognize the need for valid changes.

All requests for change will be decided on an individual basis taking into consideration all circumstances involved. Staffing and class size will be considered regarding the proposed change. Requests for a change may be initiated by a student, teacher, parent, guidance counselor, administrator, or a director of special programs.

All involved parties will be asked for their input regarding the request for change.  Once the request has been processed, the counselor will approve or deny the request for change. The parent has a right to appeal to the Guidance Department Chair and then building Principal if the course request is denied.  Schedule changes are allowed within the first FOUR weeks of the start of a class. They will not be recorded on the student transcript. Schedule changes allowed after the four-week deadline will be recorded as withdrawals on the student transcript.  Prior to the end of the semester, if the student has a 65 class average or higher a WP (withdraw pass) will be assigned. A grade of 64 or below will be assigned a WF (withdraw fail). Any class dropped at the end of the semester will have the current grade posted on the transcript and it will be counted toward the semester GPA.  A withdrawal will be posted for the second semester and will not count toward the final GPA.

Cellphones & Technology

Students and staff have been discussing our summer reading book, Irresistible, in advisory this week.  They also reviewed a few articles focused on cellphone use.  We will be organizing a town hall discussion on cell phone use in the coming weeks.  Here are some of the articles we discussed this week:

Important Info for Parents of Seniors!

In accordance with the Rhode Island Department of Health Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Immunization and Testing/or Communicable Diseases (R23-1-IMM), all adolescents entering the l2th grade are required to have the following immunizations:

One (1) dose of Meningococcal Conjugate (Meningitis) Vaccine

All adolescents entering 121h grade are required to be up-to-date on their immunizations as well as have a physical exam.

School Flu Clinic

The school flu clinic for all students will be held on October 10th from 8-10:30 am in the cafeteria.

Smithfield Advisory Council

SHS administration is looking for students interested in serving on the Smithfield Advisory Council.  We are looking for representation from the following groups – Male Athlete, Academy of Finance Pathway, Computer Science Pathway, Law & Public Safety Pathway, Fine Arts, Band, and 9th grade at-large.  Deadline to apply is 9/17.  More info may be found below:

School Attendance

Missing just two days a month means a child misses 10% of the school year!


Shout Outs!

I want to give a shout out to our awesome paraprofessionals at SHS.  Paraprofessionals have a vital role in our schools. Often, paraprofessionals are the least paid, least trained people in the school community, yet they are often charged with caring for and academically supporting the most challenging and most needy students. If you see one of our para’s give them a high five!

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Congratulations to SHS English teacher Ryan Burns!  He spent a good part of his summer at Rhode Island College Writing Project Summer Institute.   He has earned the title of Teacher Consultant.  Congratulations Ryan!

This Week At #SHSLegacy

Check out the latest information from our school hashtag!




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