Weekly Update 1/27/19

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Superbowl Week

Who thinks the day after the Superbowl should be a holiday?  Go Pats!

First Semester Grades

First semester grades will be finalized by February 4th.  Any incompletes must be completed by February 8th.

Budget Update

The community of Smithfield can stay current with the budget process by checking this site each weekThe Budget Workshop from this past week may be found here.  This workshop focused on staffing across the district.  SHS staffing may be impacted significantly.  The next Budget Workshop is scheduled for February 4th.

FAFSA Assistance

Do you need expert assistance completing the FAFSA form?  If you would like to meet with a College Planning Center representative to complete and submit all necessary FAFSA paperwork at Smithfield High School, please contact the guidance office at 349-4744 and book your appointment. Available dates are January 29, February 5th, and February 12th.


Survey Works

The Rhode Island Department of Education is currently administering its yearly SurveyWorks Parent Survey, which is an opportunity for parents to provide feedback about our school and our children’s opportunities to learn.  The survey results are most useful when all parents participate, so we are writing to ask you to participate in this survey.

Your views on matters like the safety of your child at school, the way students are taught, the condition of the school, and how connected you feel to this school are important. By taking this short survey you can help our school leadership and our parent-teacher organization to make improvements to our school. Responses are anonymous and cannot be linked to any individual; no one can tie your responses back to you.

You can take the short survey online between January 14th  and March 31st.  Please check your email for the survey link and the code.

surveyworks - be heard

SHS Wins Grant From RI Foundation

The Rhode Island Foundation recently awarded SHS teacher’s Samantha Armstrong and Megan Hall a significant grant.  Samantha Armstrong’s physical science students and Megan Hall’s art students will participate in a cross-curricular unit that investigates the function, history and construction of sundials.  Students will begin the project separately, science students focusing on the role sundials played in understanding our heliocentric universe and art students will learn the fundamentals of working with clay.  Students will come together in multi-disciplinary teams to create their own functional clay sundials.  Congratulations!

December Students of the Month

Class of 2019 – Julia Lytle

Class of 2020 – Dominic Morales

Class of 2021 – Madeline Ith

Class of 2022 – Mia Holroyd

December Teacher of the Month

SHS School Psychologist – Ashlee Barton

This Week at #SHSLegacy

Check out the latest from our schoolwide hashtag – #SHSLegacy

Have a GREAT Week!



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