Weekly Update 12/6

COVID Update

We are seeing an increase in students being quarantined. If RIDOH places you in quarantine, if you begin to show symptoms or test positive, please be sure to notify an administrator or the school nurse. Thank you!

Notes From The Nurse

It had been a tumultuous school year filled with challenge, confusion, concern, flexibility and growth, trying to keep the school community safe and successful during the COVID-19 pandemic . I think we are all exhausted and are looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday break.

The case numbers are up in the state and in the schools. My concern is the surge of cases that may arise after the holiday break. Just a friendly reminder to:

  • Social Distance: small gatherings and sleepovers seem to be a major contributor to spreading the virus.
  • Wear your mask: and remember to wash it daily.
  • Frequent hand washing.

Quarantine Reminder: 

If you are quarantined, you must stay home for a minimum of 14 days and monitor for symptoms. If you or a family member test positive, the entire household is quarantined up to 24 days. Even if you test negative, you must remain in quarantine for the duration. The DOH recommends testing on day 10-12 of quarantine for an accurate test result.

 To return to school please fill out and send in the Attestation Form with the test results. 

December Holiday Food Order

Smithfield families in need of meals during the holiday break should complete this form and return to the SHS office. These meals are free.

Free Meals Extended Through End Of School Year

RISAS Monthly Newsletter

December RISAS Newsletter

December RISAS Newsletter – Spanish

Resources for Needy Families

The federal program (LiHEAP) assists income eligible homeowners and renters alike in paying their heat/utility bills. Staff approve applications and award grants to eligible folks to help ease the strain on their family budgets. In addition to the monetary grant, we can assist with weatherization measures that convert drafty inefficient dwellings into warm energy conserving homes. We also receive funding to assist sometimes with heating system and refrigerator replacement (among other measures).

Tri Town Services

LiHEAP Brochure

All State Music Students

We wanted to let you know about some of our music students who were accepted into RI All State ensembles. They auditioned virtually and will participate in a virtual music festival this spring. All of our students who auditioned made it in! 

  • Caroline Bosco – Junior All State Treble Chorus
  • Alexander Brenner – All State Jazz Ensemble and Senior All State Band (both on trombone)
  • Annemarie Dancause – Senior All State Mixed Chorus
  • Claire Dancause – Senior All State Treble Chorus
  • Rosemary Fochler – Junior All State Mixed Chorus
  • Ava Williams – Senior All State Mixed Chorus

Additionally, the following students were accepted into the RI Virtual Jazz Honor Choir:

  • Grace Barden
  • Ava Williams

Have a great week!

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