Weekly Update 1/9

COVID Updates

Please take a moment to review the Back to School Report from January 7th. It contains the latest information on:

  • Testing Protocol Changes for School-Based Testing
  • Testing Protocol Change for Tests Outside of Schools
  • Ending Isolation and Quarantines

COVID Update – At-Home Testing

If a student reports testing positive on a home test, a confirmatory in-person antigen or PCR is still requested. We will not trace home positives. Unvaccinated students will not qualify for the 90-day post-positive quarantine exemption without a recorded result. 

Bus 16 & 17

Due to staffing shortage and COVID, bus 16 & 17 will have combined runs this week.

Spectator Policy Change – 1/3


  • Effective 1/3/22 all home contests in the SHS gymnasium will have limited spectators.  
  • Each athlete from all teams competing in the contest will be limited to two adult family members each.
  • Coaches will need to compile pass lists with names of the two adult family members for each student attending the contest and must be submitted to the athletic director one day prior to the contest.
  • Students will not be permitted to attend.
  • All spectators must wear a mask to enter the contest and are required to keep them on at all times.
  • Spectators may sit in the bleachers and should maintain proper social distancing.  
  • Spectators are not allowed to approach the court, sidelines, or any other team areas before, during, or after any contests.
  • SHS will live-stream home contests on the NFHS network. 


  • While most schools will be allowing spectators based on the current guidelines at their contests, others may choose to place more restrictive measures on spectators.
  • Coaches will be responsible for notifying parents of each away contest spectator guidelines and compiling pass lists when applicable.  

Winter Ball Date Change

The SHS Winter Ball scheduled for January 28th has been rescheduled to March 11th.  The location (Kirkbrae) remains the same.  

Semester Change

First semester ends on January 28th.

Parent Council Meeting

Parent Council will have their monthly meeting on Wednesday, Jauary 12th in the library. Start time is 7 pm

Roger Williams Zoo Oportunity

The Zoo is currently accepting applications for the Counselor-in-Training (7th-12th grade) and Play Partner (16+) program. Applications are attached to this email.

Deadline to apply for the Counselor-in-Training program is Friday, January 17th.

Smithfield Notifications

SEL Resources for Parents

CDC has produced new social and emotional learning resources for parents and caregivers.  They can be found on the CDC Healthy Schools webpage and in the CDC Healthy Schools Partner Toolkit.

SHS Alumn Makes News

Shout out to SHS grad Alex Brown. Check out his story here.

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